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Parents may be already aware of their childs SEND before enrolling them at Caterpillars Montessori Pre-school.  In which case we will meet with parents to ensure we can meet their childs needs and how best to do so.  We will gather information from other professional involved with your child. We may also need to meet or talk to these other professionals.

More often the case is that your childs needs become apparent during their time with us.  In this case, we will discuss with parents/carers the best steps forward to support your child.  We have hugely experienced staff with a wealth of knowledge.  Staff will support parents in ensuring their child gets the best care and support.  We will work with you in developing an IEP or positive behavioural plan for you child.  

For support and advice please visit Hampshire Sendiass. Click here to visit site.

Please click here to view our Local offer for SEND.

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